Maryland Traffic Accidents Are On The Rise

Accidents are increasing because of texting and driving.

Driving in Baltimore or another city is becoming more dangerous. Be sure you already know who to call if you have a personal injury.

Having the unfortunate luck of being involved in an auto accident can mean months of dealing with insurance, visits to the doctor, and even using up your leave from work. Not to mention the toll an accident can have on your body and emotional well-being. It’s something everyone wants to avoid, but in Maryland, car crashes and injuries happen all too often.

Why are there so many accidents?

If you’ve wondered if traffic has gotten worse over the years, it’s not just your imagination. Over the past five years, Maryland has seen a nearly 20% increase in traffic accidents and injuries from accidents have increased by over 15%.

Drivers distracted by mobile phones may be mostly to blame since drunk driving has steadily declined, but other factors could have contributed to these disturbing statistics.

Factors like poor road conditions and declining infrastructure cost each motorist in Maryland about $550 per year in repairs. Even more worrisome is that nearly a fourth of Maryland’s roads are considered to be in poor condition, which just goes to show how hazardous an everyday commute can be.

What causes car accidents in Maryland?

The main cause of accidents everywhere is typically driver error. Driver errors include things like failing to stop at red lights or stop signs. Aggressive driving is also a driver error.

One example of aggressive driving is tailgating, which means following behind someone too closely. These examples may not seem like a big deal, but they can easily lead to an accident leading to serious injury.

Here’s what to do if you’re in an accident

Getting into an accident is often very stressful since many steps are involved in making things right again. Having someone in your corner with experience in handling these types of situations can take a huge burden off your shoulders.

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