How A Personal Injury Lawyer in Baltimore, MD Could Be Key In Getting What You Deserve

Have you recently been injured in a car accident or perhaps you fell in an establishment? If your injury was the result of someone’s carelessness, you may be able to get compensation to help mitigate the effects of lost wages or high medical bills. However, obtaining a settlement for your injury could be a more difficult fight than you are prepared for. If you’re thinking about taking on a personal injury case alone, here are just a few reasons why that may not be the best decision for you, and why hiring a personal injury lawyer in Baltimore could be the key to getting what you need and deserve.

Proving Liability

Hands down, the most important part of your personal injury case is being able to prove that someone else is liable for your injuries. In order to accomplish this, you need to make it clear that the accident happened because someone had a duty to be more careful, but failed to do so. For example, the other driver may not admit fault and have a different version of how the auto accident occurred.  A Personal Injury Lawyer in Baltimore, MD, will work with you to fully investigate your situation so that you’ll be able to prove liability and go after the money you need.

Protecting You From Insurers

Many people question why they would ever need protection from an insurance company. However, when disaster strikes, a lot of people find that insurance adjusters use unscrupulous tactics (such as trying to get them to accept blame or offering a low ball settlement) in an effort to save the insurance company money. Fortunately, your Personal Injury Lawyer in Baltimore, MD, will likely have experience dealing with insurance companies and can help you combat these tactics with good negotiating skills. Because they’ll also be able to advise you about the size of the settlement you should expect, you’ll be able to know when the insurance companies aren’t playing fair.

Dealing with an injury can be stressful enough without also being fearful that you may not get what you need to pay for medical bills and lost wages. Working with Nicholas Parr, an experienced personal injury lawyer from Baltimore, MD can help give you the assurance that you are doing everything in your power to make sure this unfortunate situation is dealt with in a way that is both efficient and fair. For more information, contact The Law Offices of Nicholas A. Parr or visit us online and reach out at today.

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