What Can Cause Paralysis in Newborns in Maryland?

What Can Cause Paralysis in Newborns in Maryland?

Welcoming a new child into the world is an exciting time for expectant parents. It can also be stressful, however. While huge strides have been made in pre- and post-natal medicine over the last century, unfortunately not every pregnancy experience is problem-free.

Paralysis is one of the post-birth injuries we see in our practice here in Maryland. While relatively rare, paralysis in newborns is a very serious diagnosis. Some instances of paralysis are unavoidable, but some are the result of mistakes or neglect on the part of the medical professionals treating the baby and their parent. Let’s talk about the ways in which medical malpractice can contribute.

Lack of proper monitoring and/or testing during pregnancy. Proper prenatal care is crucial; if medical professionals don’t quickly and accurately diagnose potential issues with the unborn baby (or diagnose them incorrectly), it can lead to complications both before and after birth. Perhaps the mother has a certain condition that needs to be monitored in order to avoid any birth-related complications (pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes, for example). Or perhaps the baby has a condition that requires special care; overlooking this condition can cause complications if medical professionals are not aware and prepared for it in advance.

Errors during labor and delivery. If medical professionals make mistakes during the labor and delivery process, they can put the baby at risk. Some examples of these mistakes include:

  • Not detecting that the baby’s umbilical cord is wrapped around his or her neck. It’s crucial to correct this issue immediately, in order to avoid a lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain (and the potential for brain damage and/or paralysis).
  • Waiting too long to perform a Caesarian section if the baby is – or could potentially be – in distress. C-sections are often determined to be necessary if the mother has an infection or if the baby’s heartbeat suddenly drops dramatically. When every minute counts, delaying too long to make the decision to perform this procedure can have catastrophic consequences.
  • Improper use of vacuums or forceps. Doctors will sometimes use specialized tools to assist in removing the baby from the birth canal. If these tools aren’t used right, they can cause damage to the baby’s brain or spinal cord, resulting in paralysis.

Determining Accountability
It’s not always easy to prove that paralysis in newborns is the result of a mistake on the part of a medical professional. For one thing, you might have a hard time getting them to admit liability. That’s why it’s important to talk to an attorney who is well-versed in birth-related injuries. This person can walk you through what’s involved and will be able to advise you on if you have a strong case.

If you think your newborn has a health issue such as paralysis resulting from medical malpractice, contact the Law Offices of Nicholas Parr in Baltimore, MD today to schedule your free consultation. We don’t receive a fee unless we win.