Beware of Judges Who Extend Interlock for DUI in Maryland

Harford County DUIIf you are charged with a DUI in Maryland Interlock is often required in order to avoid suspension of your license. If you refuse a breathalyzer or if your blood alcohol content is greater than .15 your license will automatically be suspended unless you elect to participate in the Ignition Interlock Program. If you enroll in the Ignition Interlock Program, you are required to have Interlock installed in your vehicle for one year. Ordinarily for DUI guilty pleas or convictions, Maryland judges are inclined to issue conditions of probation including MADD Victim Impact Panel, Shock Trauma, suspended sentence, supervised probation, fines, alcohol evaluation and classes, and Interlock.

In most cases, if you already have Interlock, judges will allow the time period required to expire as mandated by the MVA-whatever is remaining of the one year. However, there are some Maryland judges who extend Interlock as a condition of probation for DUI. The extension of Interlock for a DUI plea or conviction can be a huge inconvenience and added expense. Experienced Maryland DUI attorneys know what judges are likely to extend enrollment in the Ignition Interlock Program. These judges should be avoided if at all possible.

Harford County District Court is an example of a court where DUI penalties are among the harshest in Maryland. Harford County’s judges have the reputation of being conservative. Stiff penalties including jail time and extended interlock are not uncommon. An experienced Harford County DUI attorney can prepare you and advise you of what to expect if you are arrested for DUI in Harford County.

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