If The Accident Wasn’t Your Fault Why Is Your Insurance Involved?

So you were involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault and now your insurance is involved, how could that be? There are several possible reasons. The most obvious reason to an experienced Baltimore car accident lawyer is a claim for personal injury protection benefits or “PIP”. If you have PIP you should use
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So, Your Saying There’s a Last Clear Chance: Pedestrian Accidents in Maryland

Pedestrian accidents in Maryland can be tough. Pedestrian accidents are particularly difficult because Maryland is one of only a handful of states that adopt the doctrine of contributory negligence. Contributory negligence basically means that a person is partially at fault for their own accident. In Maryland, if you are only 1% at fault for an
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If I am in an accident with a drunk driver will I get a bigger settlement?

In Maryland, the answer is probably no. An individual injured by a drunk driver or the family of someone killed by a drunk driver will  probably not get more. That is because Maryland doesn’t allow punitive damages in car accidents caused by drunk drivers, even if that car accident caused a death or serious injury. Punitive
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Baltimore City Police Reports

For those of us who live, work in, or visit Baltimore City it is pretty obvious that the police were on vacation in 2017. Their absence leaves Baltimore in the throws of a crime wave the likes of which hasn’t been seen since crack cocaine hit the Baltimore corners in the 1980’s.  Maybe they will
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My Last Baltimore Motorcycle Accident Case

I was writing content for the Baltimore motorcycle accident lawyer section of my website and it made me think of my last serious Baltimore motorcycle accident case. Liability was disputed meaning my client, the motorcyclists, and the other driver were blaming each other for causing the accident. Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries and
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Deadly Prince George’s County Car Accident in Laurel, Maryland

This week I heard a report of a fatal car crash in Prince George’s County on Laurel Bowie Road and Bowie Road. I was curious as to what led to the fatal car accident and how it occurred. It turns out the woman who lost her life was a passenger. She was a passenger in
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