man holding phone after uber car accident in baltimore maryland

What to Do if You Get In an Uber Or Lyft Accident in Baltimore?

Here is what to do if you are in an Uber or Lyft accident: Call 911 or the police- This establishes proof the accident occurred and creates a police report of the event. Take photos of the accident Take names and contact information from witnesses Take names and information from the Uber or Lyft driver
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Women gets pulled over for texting while driving in Baltimore

Texting While Driving Causes Increase in Accidents

Whether you like to admit it or not, we have all picked up the phone at least once while behind the wheel. Texting while driving has become such an issue that in most states there is a law prohibiting the act. Not only is texting and driving a way to put yourself at harm, but
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A woman calls Nick Parr law after a car accident

Why You Need a Police Report After a Car Accident

Did you know that the average number of vehicle accidents each year is averaged out to around 6 million crashes? It is always important to know what steps you should take immediately after a car accident. One of the most important things you need to do immediately after a crash is to contact the police.
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COVID-19 virus impacts personal injury claims

COVID-19’s Impact on Your Personal Injury Case

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, many people are questioning how the pandemic can impact their personal injury case. If you are in the midst of a pending personal injury case, read on to find out how you can get the most out of your case during COVID-19. Medical Treatment is Still a Must This
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Adapt and Conquer the COVID-19 Threat

At times I was self-critical of the way I set up and ran my law firm. What was I thinking letting the majority of my staff work from home? I was absolutely insane for giving all my clients my cell phone number. What kind of nut is constantly accessible and exchanges text with clients? Well
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man rides his bike through baltimore

Bicycle Accidents in Maryland

There is freedom in riding a bicycle to work every day in Maryland. Apart from the cool wind in your hair, there is also the satisfaction in knowing that this little bit of exercise can help improve your cardiovascular function and decrease all-cause mortality, and it’s good for the environment, too. Maryland is a bike-friendly
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